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===What is a container, CT, VE, Virtual Private Server, VPS?===
:See [[Container and Full Virtualization]]
===What is a KVM guest (KVM VM)?===
:A KVM guest or KVM VM is a guest system running virtualized under Proxmox VE with KVM.
===What distribution is Proxmox VE based on?===
:Proxmox VE is based on [http://www.debian.org Debian GNU/Linux], Proxmox VE Kernel is based on RHEL6 Kernel with OpenVZ patches
==Installation and upgrade==
===Where can I find installation instructions?===
:See [[Installation]]
===Proxmox VE command line tools===
:See [[Command line tools]]
===How long will my Proxmox VE version be supported?===
According to [https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/version-end-of-life.22564/#post-113759 Wolfgang] Proxmox VE 3.4 is supported at least as long as the corresponding Debian Version is [https://wiki.debian.org/DebianOldStable oldstable]. Proxmox VE uses a rolling release model and the use of the latest stable version is always recommended.
{| class="wikitable"
! Proxmox VE Version !! Debian Version !! First Release !! Debian EOL !! Proxmox EOL
| Proxmox VE 4.x || Debian 8 (Jessie) || 2015-10 || 2018-05 ||  tba
| Proxmox VE 3.x || Debian 7 (Wheezy) || 2013-05 || 2016-04 || 2017-02
| Proxmox VE 2.x || Debian 6 (Squeezy) || 2012-04 || 2014-05 || 2014-05
| Proxmox VE 1.x || Debian 5 (Lenny) || 2008-10 || 2012-03 || 2013-01
====Will Proxmox VE run on a 32bit processor?====
Proxmox VE works only on 64-bit CPU´s (AMD or Intel). There is no plan for 32-bit for the platform.
There are, however,  unofficial (and unsupported) instructions for manually installing Proxmox on 32-bit systems:
* Proxmox 2.0 on Squeeze [[Install Proxmox VE on Debian Squeeze on 32-Bit Processor]]
* Proxmox 1.4 on Lenny [[Install Proxmox VE on Debian Lenny on 32-Bit Processor]]
===Supported CPU chips===
To check if your CPU is virtualization compatible, check for the "vmx" or "svm" tag in this command output:
egrep '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo
64-bit processors with [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtualization_Technology#Intel_virtualization_.28VT-x.29 Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x)] support
[http://ark.intel.com/search/advanced/?s=t&VTX=true&InstructionSet=64-bit List of processors with Intel VT and 64-bit]
64-bit processors with [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtualization_Technology#AMD_virtualization_.28AMD-V.29 AMD Virtualization Technology (AMD-V)] support
===How do I configure bridged networking in an OpenVZ Ubuntu/Debian container?===
<li>In the web gui under Virtual Machine configuration go to the network tab.
<li>Remove the ip address for venet and save. (Bridged Ethernet Devices will appear)
<li>SSH into your host system and enter the container you want set bridged networking for:
# vzctl enter <VMID>
<li>edit  /etc/network/interfaces using using the following format and save. (replace with settings for your network)
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
<li>Shutdown the container.
<li>Go back to web gui and under "Bridged Ethernet Devices"  configure eth0 to vmbr0  and save. (a mac address will be automatically assigned)
<li>Start the container.
Finally check that networking is working by entering the guest and viewing the results of ifconfig
*In a Centos/RHEL container, check the gateway device is set correctly.
edit /etc/sysconfig/network
#GATEWAYDEV="venet0"              # comment this and add line below
HOSTNAME="hostname"    # should be set by proxmox
GATEWAY=        # CHANGE (and remove from ifcfg-eth0)
===Why do you recommend 32-bit guests over 64 bit guests?===
:64-bit guests makes sense only if you need greater than 4GB of memory.
:32-bit guests use less memory in certain situations, and are less resource intensive due to the shorter memory addressing scheme used.
::e.g. a standard installation of Apache2 on 64-bit containers consumes much more memory than on 32-bit installations.
== Troubleshooting ==
See [[Troubleshooting]] page.
[[Category:Reference Documentation]]
[[Category:Reference Documentation]]

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