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Proxmox VE is based on the famous Debian Linux distribution. That means that you have access to the whole world of Debian packages, and the base system is well documented. The Debian Administrator's Handbook is available online, and provides a comprehensive introduction to the Debian operating system (see [Hertzog13]).

A standard Proxmox VE installation uses the default repositories from Debian, so you get bug fixes and security updates through that channel. In addition, we provide our own package repository to roll out all Proxmox VE related packages. This includes updates to some Debian packages when necessary.

We also deliver a specially optimized Linux kernel, where we enable all required virtualization and container features. That kernel includes drivers for ZFS, and several hardware drivers. For example, we ship Intel network card drivers to support their newest hardware.

The following sections will concentrate on virtualization related topics. They either explain things which are different on Proxmox VE, or tasks which are commonly used on Proxmox VE. For other topics, please refer to the standard Debian documentation.