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Depending on which issue you want to improve, you can use a variety of communication mediums to reach the developers.

If you notice an error in the current documentation, use the Proxmox bug tracker and propose an alternate text/wording.

If you want to propose new content, it depends on what you want to document:

  • if the content is specific to your setup, a wiki article is the best option. For instance if you want to document specific options for guest systems, like which combination of Qemu drivers work best with a less popular OS, this is a perfect fit for a wiki article.

  • if you think the content is generic enough to be of interest for all users, then you should try to get it into the reference documentation. The reference documentation is written in the easy to use asciidoc document format. Editing the official documentation requires to clone the git repository at git:// and then follow the README.adoc document.

Improving the documentation is just as easy as editing a Wikipedia article and is an interesting foray in the development of a large opensource project.

Note If you are interested in working on the Proxmox VE codebase, the Developer Documentation wiki article will show you where to start.