Multicast notes

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Notes about multicast

test if multicast is working on a network

  • this uses ssmping

Install this on all nodes .

aptitude install ssmping

On Node A:


On Node B:

asmping ip_for_other_host_here

example output from Node A:

asmping joined (S,G) = (*,
pinging from
  unicast from, seq=1 dist=0 time=0.221 ms
  unicast from, seq=2 dist=0 time=0.229 ms
multicast from, seq=2 dist=0 time=0.261 ms
  unicast from, seq=3 dist=0 time=0.198 ms
multicast from, seq=3 dist=0 time=0.213 ms
  unicast from, seq=4 dist=0 time=0.234 ms
multicast from, seq=4 dist=0 time=0.248 ms
  unicast from, seq=5 dist=0 time=0.249 ms
multicast from, seq=5 dist=0 time=0.263 ms
  unicast from, seq=6 dist=0 time=0.250 ms
multicast from, seq=6 dist=0 time=0.264 ms
  unicast from, seq=7 dist=0 time=0.245 ms
multicast from, seq=7 dist=0 time=0.260 ms

for more information see

man ssmping


less /usr/share/doc/ssmping/README.gz