Renaming a PVE node

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Work in progress

Quick notes gathered from various other places including the forum:

To rename a standalone PVE host, you need to edit:

  • /etc/hosts
  • /etc/hostname
  • /etc/mailname
  • /etc/postfix/

The SSH keys don't need to be edited unless you really want to (and if you do, make sure you make the corresponding change on every other machine that SSH public key appears on). It appears that /etc/motd gets regenerated automatically.

Then copy the contents of /etc/pve/nodes/old-hostname to /etc/pve/nodes/new-hostname (apparently renaming doesn't work). Also copy the contents of /var/lib/rrdcache/db/pve2-{node,storage}/old-hostname to /var/lib/rrdcache/db/pve2-{node,storage}/new-hostname and remove the old directory.