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*DRBD support (DRBD 8.3.2 Released on 11th of September 2009)
*DRBD support (DRBD 8.3.2 Released on 11th of September 2009)
*Extend pre-built Virtual Appliances downloads
*Extend pre-built Virtual Appliances downloads
*Resource monitoring (user beancounters)
*Resource monitoring
*User management (advanced)
*User management (advanced)

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Roadmap for 2.x

  • Appliance builder (Released on 20th of January 2009 - Debian_Appliance_Builder)
  • Move to Debian Lenny (Released on 12th of May 2009)
  • Flexible storage pools, including direct attached and remote storage like iSCSI and FC (Released on 11th of September 2009)
  • DRBD support (DRBD 8.3.2 Released on 11th of September 2009)
  • Extend pre-built Virtual Appliances downloads
  • Resource monitoring
  • User management (advanced)
  • Firewall

Release History

Proxmox VE 1.4 beta1

Released 11.09.2009: See Downloads


  • First release with new storage model
  • iSCSI support
  • NFS support
  • LVM (managed storage, shared LVM devices)
  • DRBD storage replication with active/active mode (DRBD 8.3.2)
  • Multiple ISO storages (NFS)
  • Zero downtime live migration (KVM) over ssh channel - all traffic is encrypted
  • Updated kernel:update Intel igb driver (igb-, Intel e1000e driver (e1000e-,cciss, ich10 updates, update DRBD to 8.3.2
  • new VZDump: complete rewrite to support the new storage architecture; do not waste space in 'stop' mode; new plugin architecture

Note: the sources.list does not point to the pvetest repo, so please adapt this accordingly if you want to update/install packages from pvetest

Proxmox VE 1.3

Released 4.06.2009: See Downloads


  • Updated Kernel
  • Support for Highpoint RR3120
  • Removed OpenVZ limit of 50 machines
  • Update to kvm-86
  • Vzdump: minor bug fixes
  • Qemu-server: added new 'tablet' option

Proxmox VE 1.2

Released 12.05.2009: See Downloads


  • Based on new Debian Lenny (Debian 5.0)
  • New KVM with many improvements (kvm-85)
  • New Kernel (still 2.6.24 based but with a lot of backported drivers)
  • Update to aoe6-71
  • Update to drbd-8.3.1
  • Include HighPoint RocketRAID 3xxx/4xxx Controller Driver
  • Update to busybox 1.14.0
  • Use busybox mdev as firmware loader
  • Compiled with gcc 4.3.2 (default on Debian Lenny)
  • Load virtio_blk (if you run Proxmox VE inside Proxmox VE as a KVM guest)
  • New OpenVZ vzctl (mainly bug fixes)
  • Vncterm: better terminal emulation
  • Everything updated to Debian Lenny
  • Many bug fixes

Proxmox VE 1.1

Released 15.01.2009: See Downloads


  • Updated Kernel - new e1000/e1000e drivers
  • New KVM with many improvements (KVM-83)
  • New Chinese translations
  • Minor pve-manager updates and bug fixes

Proxmox VE 1.0 - First stable release

Released 29.10.2008: See Downloads


  • KVM and OpenVZ live migration
  • Web interface for vzdump backups
  • Improved vzdump, now support KVM guests
  • New templates available
  • Support multiple languages (see Translations for details)
  • Improved installer (use grub as boot loader, automatic country/keyboard detection)
  • Support up to 16 CPUs
  • Based on Debian 4.0r5
  • KVM updates (kvm-75)
  • OpenVZ updates, Fedora support added
  • Improved Kernel (includes drivers for ISCSI, AoE 6-64, DRBD 8.2.6, qlogic firmware for ISCSI/FC HBAs)
  • Many bugfixes

Proxmox VE 0.9beta2

Released 22.7.2008, see Proxmox VE 0.9beta2 released!


  • Extend pre-built Virtual Appliances downloads
  • Multi-bridge support
  • Bonding
  • VLAN support
  • Extend web interface for KVM guests (add hard drives, network cards, etc.)
  • Many bug fixes

Proxmox VE 0.9

First public release: 15.4.2008