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Roadmap for 1.x

  • Extend vzdump to support remote storage and KVM guests
  • Integrate backup, restore and scheduling (vzdump) into web interface
  • Extend pre-built Virtual Appliances downloads
  • Certified Virtual Appliances
  • Debian task package to install Proxmox VE packages to an existing Debian Etch 64 (enables custom partitioning and software raid configurations)
  • User management (simple)
  • KVM migration (offline)

Roadmap for 2.x

  • Flexible storage pools, including direct attached and remote storage like iSCSI
  • DRBD support
  • Extend pre-built Virtual Appliances downloads
  • Resource monitoring (user beancounters)
  • User management (advanced)

Release History

Proxmox VE 0.9beta2

Released 22.7.2008, see Proxmox VE 0.9beta2 released!


  • Extend pre-built Virtual Appliances downloads
  • Multi-bridge support
  • Bonding
  • VLAN support
  • Extend web interface for KVM guests (add hard drives, network cards, etc.)
  • Many bug fixes

Proxmox VE 0.9

First public release: 15.4.2008