Storage: User Mode iSCSI

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Storage pool type: iscsidirect

This backend provides basically the same functionality as the Open-iSCSI backed, but uses a user-level library to implement it. You need to install the libiscsi-bin package in order to use this backend.

It should be noted that there are no kernel drivers involved, so this can be viewed as performance optimization. But this comes with the drawback that you cannot use LVM on top of such iSCSI LUN. So you need to manage all space allocations at the storage server side.


The user mode iSCSI backend uses the same configuration options as the Open-iSCSI backed.

Configuration Example (/etc/pve/storage.cfg)
iscsidirect: faststore

Storage Features

Note This backend works with VMs only. Containers cannot use this driver.
Table 1. Storage features for backend iscsidirect
Content types Image formats Shared Snapshots Clones






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