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Version 6.x

Language files are located at git repository: pve-i18n

  • You can create new translation with (replace <LANG> with the language ID)
# cd proxmox-i18n
# make init-<LANG>.po
  • Po file need to be translated to .js file by invoking script located at same directory:
./ -t pve xx.po >pve-lang-xx.js
  • You need to have installed some perl packages in your system. For Ubuntu:
apt-get install perl liblocale-po-perl libjson-perl
  • Resulted file pve-lang-xx.js copy to directory /usr/share/pve-i18n on your proxmox server.
  • You can send finished translation to proxmox team to office(at) with signed contributor licence agreement. See Developer Documentation

Proxmox VE 6.x management interface is available in the following languages.

  • English (en)
  • German (de)
  • Danish (da)
  • Spanish(es)
  • Euskera (eu)
  • Persian (fa)
  • French (fr)
  • Galician (gl)
  • Hungarian (hu)
  • Italian (it)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Norwegian Bokmal (nb)
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Brazilian (pt_BR)
  • Russian (ru)
  • Slovenian (sl)
  • Swedish (sv)
  • Turkish (tr)
  • Chinese (simplified) (zh_CN)
  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW)

Note that most of above translations are contributed by users and English is the original language the interface is written in. Our contributors try their best to translate it in the languages they know themselves, thus, at time of writing, German, Italian, Turkish and French have good translations.

How to translate into different languages

The translations can be done by using poedit, an easy to use editor or any other editor you prefer, e.g. Emacs. There is no programming knowledge necessary to translate. If you want to translate, just contact office(at)

PO files

All released translation file are available. All maintainers can pick these file if the translation needs rework.