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Version 2.x

Language files are located at git repository: pve-manager

  • You can create new translation by coping messages.pot template file to new file named according your language code. Then use some gettext translation tool like Poedit, Lokalize, Gtranslator.
  • Po file can be translated to .js file by invoking script located at same directory:
./ lang.po>lang.js
  • You need to have installed perl packaged in your system:
apt-get install perl liblocale-po-perl
  • Resulted file lang.js move directory /var/share/pve-manager/root on your proxmox server.

Then you need to add your new language to /var/share/pve-manager/ext4/pvemanagerlib.js to language_map array and logout and login back to server web administration interface to reload refresh available language list.

  • You can send finished translation to proxmox team to office(at)

Version 1.x

Available languages

Proxmox VE management interface is available in the following languages.

Where should the po files (or the compiled mo files) be placed?


  • Maintainer: Proxmox support team
  • Email: support(at)
  • Web: Proxmox


  • Maintainer: Proxmox support team
  • Email: support(at)
  • Web: Proxmox


  • Maintainer: Yacine Kheddache
  • Email: support(at)
  • Web: Alyseo


  • Maintainer: Angelo Volpato
  • Email: angelov72(at)


  • Maintainer: Pongracz Istvan
  • Email: pongracz.istvan(at)
  • Web: StartIT


  • Maintainer: Erwin de Brueijs
  • Email: erwin(at)
  • Web: 123xs


  • Maintainer: Nick Tiloi
  • Email: nick.tiloi(at)
  • Web: MagicaIT


  • Maintainer: Fabio Vasco Gomes
  • Email: fvasco(at)
  • Web:


  • Maintainer: Bruno Cacheira
  • Email: bruno.cacheira(at)
  • Web: Neoscopio

Portuguese (br)

  • Maintainer: Fabio Vasco Gomes
  • Email: fvasco(at)
  • Web:


  • Maintainer: Antipov Dima
  • Email: tdcmystere(at)
  • Web: Streamhost


  • Maintainer: Sukru Emre Erim
  • Email: emre(at)
  • Web: Medyabim


  • Maintainer: Chronos
  • Email: robie(at)
  • Web:


  • Maintainer: Koichi MATSUMOTO
  • Email: mzch(at)
  • Web: MacCoterie

HowTo translate to different languages

The translations can be done by using poedit, an easy to use editor or any other editor you prefer, e.g. Emacs. There is no programming knowledge necessary to translate. If you want to translate, just contact office(at)

PO files

All released translation file are available. All maintainers can pick these file if the translation needs rework.

Proxmox VE translations