USB physical port mapping

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  • The main reason to use physical port mapping is to be able to connect several usb devices those have same IDs to different virtual machines (device-1 to VM1, device-2 to VM2, etc).
  • Currently (Stable version of Proxmox is 1.9) it's possible to map hardware usb port in a following way:

1. Find out physical port parameters (bus and port)

 qm monitor NNN
qm> info usbhost
 Bus 3, Addr 2, Port 1, Speed 1.5 Mb/s
   Vendor Specific: USB device 0529:0001, HASP 2.17
 Bus 5, Addr 3, Port 2, Speed 12 Mb/s
   Class 00: USB device 0624:0248, USB Composite Device-0

2. Add the device to the particular VM (/etc/qemu-server/NNN.conf)

 args: -device usb-host,hostbus=3,hostport=1

or (as Proxmox 2.x supports usbN in vm.conf)

 usb0: host=3-1

3. Power off/power on VM and check

 qm monitor NNN
qm> info usb
 Device 0.2, Port 1, Speed 12 Mb/s, Product QEMU USB Tablet
 Device 0.3, Port 2, Speed 12 Mb/s, Product QEMU USB Hub
 Device 0.4, Port 2.1, Speed 1.5 Mb/s, Product HASP 2.17

More information:

  1. man vm.conf