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Support and Enquiry for Sponsored Templates

Anyone interested in sponsoring templates can get in touch with the channel partners of Proxmox and the highly active developer community will be most happy to respond. The templates maintained by Ap.Muthu here are actively supported by PlaNetTel, a sponsor listed above.

Downloads of ProxMox Templates Maintained by Ap.Muthu

All Lenny appliances above will have phpinfo listing similar to

Squeeze based Templates

Wheezy based Templates

Remastered Templates

Reference Templates

The reference templates culled out from the dab-pve-appliances (42 MB) file is available here (34 KB).


DAB Pre-Build Testing

In a standard debian template based VM, test out the target application and extract the database dumps and config files after installation and tweaking. Take care to make random strings for unique container installs from the template to be built.

KVM Build Notes

apm-available list of downloadable templates

To enable these latest templates to be shown in the list of Template Downloads in the ProxMox GUI, append the contents of apm-available to /var/lib/pve-manager/apl-available after a pveam update like:

pveam update
cd /var/lib/pve-manager/
cat apm-available >> apl-available

The last command in the above set needs to be performed each day and on each reboot as "Headquarters" will revert to their restricted list on such events.