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I am in information systems security analyst that works for a school district in Illinois. I am a *nix enthusiast/Software Developer/etc..etc..etc...

In other words, I keep myself educated, caught up at much as possible in the tech world, and very busy.

I brought my websites and resumes down because the headhunters (job recruiters) were getting annoying and I want to merge my micro blogs, musical site (I play guitar too :-)), tech blogs (the bit bucket and my phone repair tips site) all into one.

I plan on unveiling all this data on one site under the domain that I purchased of

If you are looking for the Debian Squeeze iso here is a hyperlink to the archive location.

Here is a sneak peak at my home office system. I have quite a lot of processing power. What do I use it for? Math, bend and break analysis calculations, 3D rendering, and the study of quantum encryptions ... aka.. more math, just not with actual numbers.