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Yellowpin.svg Note: Article about Proxmox VE 2.0 beta



Proxmox VE supports multiple authentication sources, e.g. Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, Linux PAM or the integrated Proxmox VE authentication server.

By using the role based user- and permission management for all objects (VM´s, storages, nodes, etc.) granular access can be defined.

Authentication Realms

Proxmox VE stores all user attributes in /etc/pve/users.cfg. So there must be an entry for each user in that file. The password is not stored, instead you can use the following methods to verify passwords.

Microsoft Active Directory



Linux PAM standard authentication

Proxmox VE authentication server

This is a unix like password store (/etc/pve/priv/shadow.cfg). Password are encrypted using the SHA-256 hash method. Users are allowed to change passwords.

Users and Groups




Video Tutorials

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