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Standard Console Access

As default Proxmox provides access via [noVNC] and/or SPICE and it is recommended to use this access whenever possible. If there are some reasons to have browser independent access it is possible to use an ordinary VNC client.

Enabling Access from other VNC clients

It is possible to enable the VNC access for use with usual VNC clients as RealVNC, TightVNC, Remmina etc.

Configure VNC Access via Monitor

  1. Go to VM´s 'Monitor' panel in the web interface.
  2. You can setup a plain VNC or also a password secured one:
    • for the plain one type the following into the monitor:
    change vnc
    100 denotes the port, this will get added to the VNC base port of 5900, so in this case the VNC server listens on all addresses on port 6000.
    • for the password secured one type the following into the monitor:
    change vnc,password
    set_password vnc foobar1
    note: the first "password" parameter after the IP address mustn't be replaced by a password but is the word "password" itself, this is just a boolean parameter telling QEMU that the server needs a password.
  3. now you may connect via the ip address and port (6000 in the above example)

The configuration is not persistent, i.e. after the VM has been stopped and started again the above actions have to be repeated in order to enable VNC access via external client.

Configure VNC Access via Configuration File

  • Add in the VM´s configuration file /etc/pve/local/qemu-server/<KVM ID>.conf a line which specifies the VNC display number as follows ("77" in the example bleow):
args: -vnc 

The display number can be freely chosen, but each number must occur only once. VNC service listens then at port 5900+display_number. Note that connections via noVNC start using display number 0 consecutively therefore it´s recommended to use higher numbers in order to avoid conflicts.

  • Connect from VNC client to Proxmox host ip address and port as specified (5977 in the above example)

Note: Using this method it not possible to set a VNC password.