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Migration from Xen

Here is the step necessary to migrate a Xen 6.2 vm to proxmox 3.4

Changes to Debian VM

These are the changes needed by a Debian 6/7:

changes to grub

 sed -i -e s/console=hvc0//g /boot/grub/grub.cfg

changes to inittab

 sed -i -e s/^co/#co/1 /etc/inittab

then poweroff the VM and you can export it.

See Serial Terminal for adding a Serial Console on your VM after the migration.

Export Debian VM

 xe vm-list | grep -i name-of-your-vm

take note of uuid and use it with the vm-export command:

 xe vm-export uuid=xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx filename=whatyouwant.xva


Now you have an 'xva' file and you need to have a raw disk image instead.

Transfer it with some unix command (scp or rsync) to the proxmox server, i.e. in /root or wherever fits.

xva files are tar file and you can use tar command to extract it's content, that are disks

 tar xf whatyouwant.xva

You should download xenmigrate from this url


to generate img files from the result of the above tar command.

1. create a new vm, say 100 vm.

2. add disks to your new 100 vm.

3. delete images disks, use xenmigrate and mv to replace them with the appropriate name

 python xenmigrate.py –convert=Ref:3 /var/lib/vz/images/100/{image}.img