[pve-devel] novnc report

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Thu Aug 2 10:29:19 CEST 2012

Ok, I have done some prelimary tests,

with novnc 0.3 + websockify (c compiled)

replacing proxmox proxy 
/bin/nc -l -p 5900 -w 10 -c '/usr/sbin/qm vncproxy 99999'
./websockify --run-once --timeout=10 --unix-target /var/run/qemu-server/99999.vnc myip:5900 ''

using last chrome and firefox , on archlinux.

Performance is very good for me, using adsl 6Mb/s.(tested with win2003,win2008, and linux consoles)

Maybe a little slower than java, but very usable.
I don't know how to choose vnc compression protocol ? in novnc ? in qemu ? or is best compression choose automaticly ? 
(I would like to be sure to use tight protocol)

about ssl, we need to desactivate x509 on the qemu side, but we can add it on websockify.(need a (auto)signed certificate)

I'll try to implement certificate today or tomorrow.

So, maybe can we add to proxmox a global flag, console: java|novnc.

if java, starting qemu with x509. then using java console.
if novnc, starting qemu without x509, using websockify with ssl. then using novnc console

what do you think about it ?

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