[pve-devel] Increase readability of hardware overview of vm

Timo Grodzinski t.grodzinski at profihost.ag
Tue Aug 21 14:04:00 CEST 2012

Hi List!

Am 03.08.2012 09:58, schrieb Timo Grodzinski:
> Especially the string
> "local:107/vm-107-disk-1.raw,cache=writethrough,bps_rd=103457600,bps_wr=209715200,iops_rd=300,iops_rw=400"
> could be improved to
> "local:107/vm-107-disk-1.raw, cache=writethrough, limit_rd=100Mb/s, limit_wr=200Mb/s, iops_rd=300, iops_rw=400"

I have written a renderer which does the above transformation, so that 
read and write limits will be more readable.

Shall I provide the patch? Any suggestions for improvements?


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