[pve-devel] problem with my nexenta plugin when start vm with pve-manager, need perl help

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Tue Aug 21 14:03:52 CEST 2012

I have a problem with my nexenta plugin when starting vm with pve-manager.
I didn't see the problem before, I think I also use command line during my tests.
(Stefan do you have the problem ?)

command line works fine : qm start ...

but task in pve-manager exit(1) in run_command here :
    # catch exec errors
        if ($orig_pid != $$) {
            warn "ERROR: $err";
            POSIX::_exit (1);
            kill ('KILL', $$);

I have displayed the error:
"Insecure dependency in exec while running with -T switch at /usr/share/perl/5.10/IPC/Open3.pm line 168."

Command line generated is same , command line or pve-manager...

the nexenta drive add this specific line, but if don't see anything special.

-drive file=iscsi://,if=none,id=drive-virtio1,aio=native

Dietmar do you have an idea? 

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