[pve-devel] savevm tests

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Wed Aug 29 16:44:49 CEST 2012

> lvm + qcow2
> -----------
> It doesn't work :(
> savevm can take the snapshot, but when trying to rollback, it doesn't work.
> also you can have a lvm disk of 10GB, format with qcow2 with 5GB, the guest
> see 10GB.

We need to know if that is a bug or if that is expected behavior ;-)
Do they plan to fix that?
> savevm works with mutiples disk, and can mix differents storage, they just
> need to support savevm command.
> If you have a qcow2 + raw, it thrown an error and don't make the snapshot.
> note :I don't know how it's works in you don't have the snapshot on all the
> disks.
> exemple : add a disk, take a snap1, add a second disk, take a snap2, now
> rollback to snap1 ?

I guess we will always restart the VM with correct configuration when we do
a rollback?

> I have also try with the patch to disable memory saving, I didn't have had any
> problems.
> Maybe it could be usefull to add an option to not save memory ?

Yes, that is useful.

> Also maybe can we add support for qemu guest agent, to freeze filesystem in
> this case.


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