[pve-devel] savevm tests

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Wed Aug 29 18:06:50 CEST 2012

> >>Putting qcow2 (or better qcow3) on those devices would solve the
> >>problem? If that works, there is no more need to use nexenta snapshot
> support?
> I want to use iscsi with nexenta, so qcow2 is not an option. (and I'm not sure
> using qcow2 on block device is possible) 

I see no real reason why that should not be possible. But sure, you need
to pre-allocate space for snapshots, which is bad.

> Also, zfs snapshot are really fast.

But limited (no support for arbitrary snapshot trees)?

> (qcow2 have some performance penality).

qcow3 will be much better (maybe) ;-)

> I also need zfs snapshot for cloning.

IMHO cloning has totally different requirements - we should not mix that.

> More generally, I think it's always better to use snapshot capability of the
> storage (rbd,sheepdog,nexenta, or other).

sure (if it is fully functional like 'rbd' and 'sheepdog' (beside bugs))
Besides, I just don't know how to implement nexenta snapshot support inside kvm.
Do you want to call an external program which uses libpve-storage-perl?

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