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> I don't have the answers to your questions, but I am in the process of doing
> the same thing.  I am currently setting up to standardize on Proxmox.  I am
> planning on using several small volumes.  I do not think there would be a
> maximum of KVM VM's per cluster.  As far as how massive the cluster can get
> and be efficient, hopefully Proxmox knows.
>  :-)
> I also wanted to just say that after reviewing lots of platforms, One of the
> biggest reasons I chose Proxmox was because of their support model.  I do
> not mind paying for support, and making donations to support development,
> but to have to license every server as others require, I do not believe in.  SO I
> hope tehy do not change it.  :-)

[Martin Maurer] 
There is no plan for changes. But keep in mind, if you go for a the server subscriptions you need to do this for all your boxes (similar than RHEL). It's not possible to buy just on unlimited support packages for one server and in real you run 100 boxes in your datacenter. And for some reason all issues occurs on the box with the support subscription :-). 

But as you already wrote,  you can go for single support tickets if you have a question for our support team.

> Tony Z
> On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 2:54 AM, Christof Bruyland
> <christof.bruyland at telenet.be> wrote:
> > We are a hosting company interested in using Proxmox for our
> virtualization platform.
> > I've already tested the system, and it works very well.
> > Now we are considering to use this in production, I have some additional
> questions:
> >
> > - How many nodes can be included in one cluster?

[Martin Maurer] 
Currently there is no limit but the 1.x interface will overload soon if you got hundreds of VM´s and the performance will also give limits. The upcoming cluster stack for 2.x  is based on corosync so we expect a maximum of 32 physical nodes per cluster in the first run but as its not available yet there are just no real live experiences outside our labs. The new GUI/API is capable to handle thousands of objects (nodes/storages/VM´s). But again, no real live experiences outside our lab.

> > - How many KVM machines can be created in one cluster?
[Martin Maurer] 
We do not limit this.

> > - We will be using a ISCSI target. What is the maximum size of a single LVM
> volume? Or, is it better to use different small LVM volumes?
> >
I do not recommend anything here, depends. Designing high performance iSCSI storage is a huge topic. Maybe you should follow the recommendations for your iSCSI vendor. Using SAN storage could be a bottleneck. 

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> > Thanks for all information!
> >
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