spiceproxy - SPICE Proxy Service


spiceproxy <COMMAND> [ARGS] [OPTIONS]

spiceproxy help [OPTIONS]

Get help about specified command.

--extra-args <array>

Shows help for a specific command

--verbose <boolean>

Verbose output format.

spiceproxy restart

Restart the daemon (or start if not running).

spiceproxy start [OPTIONS]

Start the daemon.

--debug <boolean> (default = 0)

Debug mode - stay in foreground

spiceproxy status

Get daemon status.

spiceproxy stop

Stop the daemon.


SPICE (the Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments) is an open remote computing solution, providing client access to remote displays and devices (e.g. keyboard, mouse, audio). The main use case is to get remote access to virtual machines and container.

This daemon listens on TCP port 3128, and implements an HTTP proxy to forward CONNECT request from the SPICE client to the correct Proxmox VE VM. It runs as user www-data and has very limited permissions.

Host based Access Control

It is possible to configure "apache2" like access control lists. Values are read from file /etc/default/pveproxy. See pveproxy documentation for details.

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