pveam - Proxmox VE Appliance Manager



pveam available [OPTIONS]

List available templates.

--section <mail | system | turnkeylinux>

Restrict list to specified section.

pveam download <storage> <template>

Download appliance templates.

<storage>: <storage ID>

The storage where the template will be stored

<template>: <string>

The template which will downloaded

pveam help [OPTIONS]

Get help about specified command.

--extra-args <array>

Shows help for a specific command

--verbose <boolean>

Verbose output format.

pveam list <storage>

Get list of all templates on storage

<storage>: <storage ID>

Only list templates on specified storage

pveam remove <template_path>

Remove a template.

<template_path>: <string>

The template to remove.

pveam update

Update Container Template Database.


Command line tool to manage container images. See man pct for usage examples.

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