qmrestore - Restore QemuServer vzdump Backups


qmrestore help

qmrestore <archive> <vmid> [OPTIONS]

Restore QemuServer vzdump backups.

<archive>: <string>

The backup file. You can pass - to read from standard input.

<vmid>: <integer> (100 - 999999999)

The (unique) ID of the VM.

--bwlimit <number> (0 - N)

Override I/O bandwidth limit (in KiB/s).

--force <boolean>

Allow to overwrite existing VM.

--live-restore <boolean>

Start the VM immediately from the backup and restore in background. PBS only.

--pool <string>

Add the VM to the specified pool.

--storage <storage ID>

Default storage.

--unique <boolean>

Assign a unique random ethernet address.


Restore the QemuServer vzdump backup archive to virtual machine vmid. Volumes are allocated on the original storage if there is no storage specified.

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