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This HowTo describes the installation of the Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM) on Proxmox VE 3.x. With ASM you can manage your Adaptec raid controllers installed on Proxmox VE servers and you can also configure email notifications in case of failures.

For current Adaptec Controller, see Adaptec maxView Storage Manager

Download ASM

I prefer to test ASM on a temporary Proxmox VE installation (as a KVM guest) and if everything works I will install it on the production machines.

Download the ASM from the Adaptec web site (choose 64-bit for Linux) and extract it to a temporary directory. For this guide I used the following version: asm_linux_x64_v7_31_18856.tgz

Convert rpm to deb

Install the alien package:

apt-get install alien

Extract the tgz file:

tar -xvf asm_linux_x64_v7_31_18856.tgz

Convert the rpm file to deb format using the alien command.

cd manager/
alien -c StorMan-7.31.x86_64.rpm

Now you will see a deb package storman_7.31-18857_amd64.deb which can be installed on any Proxmox VE server (alien is not needed anymore).

Install the deb package

dpkg -i storman_7.31-18857_amd64.deb

Post-installation steps

The installation script does not configure the rc scripts. Here are the needed steps to make sure the agent is started automatically on boot.

Stop the stor_agent:

service stor_agent stop

Edit the /etc/init.d/stor_agent file.

nano /etc/init.d/stor_agent

Identify the lines beginning with #Default and change them to:

# Default-Start:    2 3 5
# Default-Stop:     0 1 6

Update rc scripts:

update-rc.d stor_agent defaults

Now, you can start the stor_agent manually (or reboot):

service stor_agent start

Query status via CLI

/usr/StorMan/arcconf getconfig 1

Install ASM on your desktop

Install ASM on your desktop and connect to the remote Proxmox VE server with running ASM agent (I used the Windows 7-64 version of ASM - asm_windows_x64_v7_31_18856.exe).

Now I configured email notifications so in case of any failure I get a notification about the issue.