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This HowTo describes the installation of the Adaptec maxView Storage Manager on Proxmox VE. With maxView you can manage your Adaptec raid controllers installed on Proxmox VE servers and you can also configure email notifications in case of failures. Please note, maxView works for only on 6 and 7 series controllers. For this guide I used a Adaptec 6805 controller.

Download maxView

Download the maxView from the Adaptec web site (choose 64-bit for Linux) and extract it to a temporary directory. For this guide I used the version msm_linux_x64_v1_04_20859.tgz.

tar -xvf msm_linux_x64_v1_04_20859.tgz
cd manager/

Install the deb package

Before installing the deb package, make sure that the following is installed.

apt-get update && apt-get install unzip libpam-cracklib

Now, install the maxView deb package and follow the instructions (I just used the root account and all other defaults).

dpkg -i StorMan-1.04-20859_amd64.deb

Connect to the web interface of maxView Storage Manager

The web interface can be reached via https://youripaddress:8443/maxview/manager/login.xhtml and login with root.


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