Certification Overview

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Proxmox VE certifies Virtual Appliances from software vendors or Open source projects for running on the Proxmox VE.

Benefits for Proxmox VE users

  • Perfectly optimized installation, ready to run in seconds.
  • Best performance due to Container Virtualization (see Container and Full Virtualization)
  • Tested and certified
  • Full support from software vendor (or Open source project)

Benefits for software vendors

  • Distribution channel
  • Certified Virtual Appliances are top-listed on the Proxmox VE web interface
  • Help, assistance and know how transfer for building and certify Virtual Appliances
  • Direct support from Proxmox VE development team

Available certified Virtual Appliances

Get Certified Virtual Appliances

HOWTO get certified

To build and certify your Virtual Appliance please contact contact office(at)proxmox.com.