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Appliance Details

Package: frontaccount
Version: 2.2.11-1
Certified: no
Section: www
Maintainer: Ap.Muthu
OS: debian-5.0


FrontAccounting is a simple, but powerful, system for the entire ERP chain and covers:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Receivable Notes
  • Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes
  • Payments
  • Allocations
  • Accounts Payable
  • Items and Inventory
  • Stock
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales Orders
  • Customer Invoices/Credit Notes
  • Deposits
  • Allocations
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Dimensions
  • General Ledger with Budget
  • Languages
  • Currencies
  • Several Companies

For more details see: FrontAccounting

FrontAccounting is an early fork of webERP and a comparison as of Oct 2012 is here. Another fork of webERP is Dolibarr and they also have the Dolibarr Proxmox VE Appliance - they sell most of their modules that would be standard features in FA and webERP.

Virtual Appliances can be downloaded directly via the Central Web-based Management.

Recommended settings for Proxmox VE

  • Memory (MB): 512
  • Swap (MB): 512
  • Hard disk (GB): 8

Appliance specific settings

  • Mysql root password: admin

Please change this for security reason:

  • via command line after the first boot:
mysqladmin -u root -p password yournewpasswordhere
  • Set the server timezone via command line:
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
  • Restart VM

FrontAccounting settings

  • Main software packages: Debian Lenny, FrontAccounting v2.2.11, MySQL 5, Postfix, Apache2, PHP5, zip, unzip, cURL
  • Screenshots of the latest FA v2.3.13-7 and deployment in PVE available at GNUAcademy.

First steps

Start the VM and open a VNC console and install the latest security updates.

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

Now, connect to the FrontAccounting web installer http://youripaddress/install and follow the instructions.

After finishing (and creating other companies), you need to remove the installation directory for security reasons. Before removing the installation folder, archive it. Open a VNC console:

rm -r /var/www/frontaccount/install/

Additional charts of accounts are available.

Upgrading from FrontAccounting v2.2.10 to v2.2.11

File changes between these versions have been extracted, permissioned and packaged to seamlessly get integrated with the base install as below:

cd /var/www/frontaccount
tar -zxvpf fac2210_to_2211.tar.gz
sed -i 's#"2.2.10";#"2.2.11";#' /var/www/frontaccount/config.php
rm fac2210_to_2211.tar.gz

Upgrading from FrontAccounting v2.2.10 to CVS

Some updates have been posted in the CVS since the stable release v2.2.10. It can be updated to the CVS version with:

cd /var/www/frontaccount
tar -zxvpf fac2210_to_cvs20100616.tar.gz
rm fac2210_to_cvs20100616.tar.gz

Building FrontAccounting Template

Download the following:

Archived Front Accounting Upgrade Notes

Kindly refer to the official update page for detailed info. The FA Wiki has a new v2.2 update page.

Documentation and HowTo´s about FrontAccounting