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Virtual Appliances can be downloaded directly via the Central Web-based Management

Video Tutorials

Application Templates

See Virtual Appliances

Operating System Templates

Can be downloaded directly via GUI integrated template downloader. Or grab them manually from

Outdated OpenVZ templates can have issues if you deploy on LXC.

When using OpenVZ templates provided by third party sites, they must be renamed to follow the Proxmox naming convention. Some such sites are:

Please take care to tweak it for the version of Proxmox in use - console access has changed from PVE 1.x to 2.2.x.


OpenVZ Console

Updating of Old Containers' Startup Scripts

As of Proxmox VE v1.8 with vzevents revision - pve-manager: 1.8-17 (pve-manager/1.8/5948), kindly update all OpenVZ containers that rely on file-rc to sysv-rc thus:

aptitude install sysv-rc insserv

This will ensure that they reboot immediately. This fixes the issue in this post.