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Image:Screen-create-container-mailgateway.png|Create Virtual Machine
Image:Screen-create-container-mailgateway.png|Create Virtual Machine
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[[Category: HOWTO]]

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Proxmox VE is simple. There is no need to install a separate management tool, everything can be done via your web browser (Latest Firefox and Google Chrome is preferred, also IE/9/10 works). In order to use the java based console, you need to install Oracle (Sun) Java browser plugin.

The web interface can be reached via https://youripaddress:8006 (default login is: root, the password is specified during the installation).

As we use Proxmox Cluster file system (pmxcfs),you can connect to any node to manage the whole cluster. There is no single master any more.


  • Seamless integration and management of Proxmox VE 2.0 Cluster
  • AJAX technologies for dynamic updates of resources
  • Secure access to all Virtual Machines and Containers via SSL encryption (https); (Note: VNC console encrypted)
  • Fast search-driven interface, capable of handling hundreds and probably thousands of VM´s
  • Secure VNC console, supporting external VNC viewer with SSL support
  • Role based permission management for all objects (VM´s, storages, nodes, etc.)
  • Support for multiple authentication sources (e.g. local, MS ADS, LDAP, ...)
  • Based on Ext JS 4.x JavaScript framework

Screenshots and Video Tutorials

Proxmox VE YouTube Channel