[pve-devel] integration of scsi-hd, scsi-block, scsi-generic

Stefan Priebe s.priebe at profihost.ag
Sun Aug 12 10:14:17 CEST 2012

Am 12.08.2012 01:27, schrieb Alexandre DERUMIER:
>>> Also scsi-generic (needs guest kernel 3.4) is a lot faster then scsi-hd
>>> or scsi-block.
> does scsi-block works with libiscsi with kvm 1.1 ? (so we can select it by default is we use libiscsi)
scsi-block does not even work with current ;-) qemu.git as there is a 
bug. But it will be fixed for qemu 1.2. But anyway scsi-generic is much 
more interesting. It's a lot faster.

> about scsi-generic, what happen is the guest has a kernel < 3.4 ?
Haven't tested but as virtio-scsi-pci was introduced in 3.2 anyway i 
won't care much about older kernels. What do you thik? (i mean 3.4 is 
not far away from 3.2)


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