[pve-devel] some news for snapshots

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Mon Aug 27 15:08:43 CEST 2012

>>Sorry, but we simply need to restore full state. Users expect that (this is well known 
>>behavior on other products).
I don't think if it's possible with storage other than qcow2 (rbd,sheepdog,nexenta or external san).

also external snapshots are only disk snapshot without the vmstate.

I see in vmware doc:
that memory snapshot is optionnal

Select Inventory > Virtual Machine > Snapshot > Take Snapshot.
Type a name for the snapshot.
Type a description for the snapshot.
Adding a date and time or a description, for example, "Snapshot before applying XYZ patch," can help you determine which snapshot to restore or delete.
(Optional) Select the Snapshot the virtual machine’s memory check box to capture the memory of the virtual machine.
(Optional) Select the Quiesce guest file system (Needs VMware Tools installed) check box to pause running processes on the guest operating system so that file system contents are in a known consistent state when you take the snapshot.
Click OK

and indeed, with memory snapshot, vm is paused too

I don't for other hypervisor/solution

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> >>A snapshot must include full VM state! 
> What is the benefit ? 
> Rollbacking a snapshot and start the vm with memory at the point of the 
> snapshot ? 

Yes, most users will expect that behavior. 

> If the datas are correctly flushed, I don't see the benefit vs restarting the vm 
> with zero memory. 

Sorry, but we simply need to restore full state. Users expect that (this is well known 
behavior on other products). 

> If I have vm with 64GB of memory, I don't want 10min of downtime to take 
> the snasphot. 
> (I don't want to have any vm interruption to take the snasphot) 

Yes, I see. So maybe that is optional (but default is with RAW). 

- Dietmar 




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