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Yellowpin.svg Note: Any externally linked script/software was not vetted by Proxmox developers and we recommend checking yourself before running anything as root. If you still use very old and EOL releases like Proxmox VE 3.4 we recommend to as soon as possible!
  • Traversing an OpenVZ container (including non bootable ones) in Proxmox VE 3.4 and earlier can be done using the /usr/bin/pvebash script chmodded to 755.
  • When migrating OpenVZ containers to the new LXC container ecosystem, the said `pvebash <CTID> private` can be used to set it right at the outset.
  • In LXC, there may be some script like OpenVZ's Proxbash that does nearly the same work.
  • Since 2016: LXC hides the container mount namespace from the host, so you cannot see the rootfs (unless you use ZFS). We plan to implement some helper commands to make it easier to copy files from/to containers. Also see this post where pct mount/push/pull exist or use ZFS.