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Storage pool type: pbs

This backend allows direct integration of a Proxmox Backup Server into Proxmox VE like any other storage. A Proxmox Backup storage can be added directly through the Proxmox VE API, CLI or the webinterface.


The backend supports all common storage properties, except the shared flag, which is always set. Additionally, the following special properties to Proxmox Backup Server are available:


Server IP or DNS name. Required.


The username for the Proxmox Backup Server storage. Required.

Tip Do not forget to add the realm to the username. For example, root@pam or archiver@pbs.

The user password. The value will be saved in a file under /etc/pve/priv/<STORAGE-ID>.pw with access restricted to the root user. Required.


The ID of the Proxmox Backup Server datastore to use. Required.


The fingerprint of the Proxmox Backup Server API TLS certificate. You can get it in the Servers Dashboard or using the proxmox-backup-manager cert info command. Required for self-signed certificates or any other one where the host does not trusts the servers CA.


A key to encrypt the backup data from the client side. Currently only non-password protected (no key derive function (kdf)) are supported. Will be saved in a file under /etc/pve/priv/<STORAGE-ID>.enc with access restricted to the root user. Use the magic value autogen to automatically generate a new one using proxmox-backup-client key create --kdf none <path>. Optional.

Configuration Example (/etc/pve/storage.cfg)
pbs: backup
        datastore main
        content backup
        fingerprint 09:54:ef:..snip..:88:af:47:fe:4c:3b:cf:8b:26:88:0b:4e:3c:b2
        maxfiles 0
        username archiver@pbs

Storage Features

Proxmox Backup Server only supports backups, they can be block-level or file-level based. Proxmox VE uses block-level for virtual machines and file-level for container.

Table 1. Storage features for backend cifs
Content types Image formats Shared Snapshots Clones







Then you could add this share as a storage to the whole Proxmox VE cluster with:

# pvesm add pbs <id> --server <server> --datastore <datastore> --username <username> --fingerprint 00:B4:... --password

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