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Move Disk

Storage migration allows to move a virtual disk to another storage or to another virtual disk format on the same storage. Storage migration can be done on running virtual machines (but also works offline).

By default, the source disk will be added as "unused disk" for safety. If you do not need this, just click "Delete source".

Typical Usages Scenarios

Move from raw to qcow2 (local storage or NFS)

Moving virtual disks from raw to qcow2 enables Live Snapshots. Without downtime.

Move from raw or qcow2 to SAN (LVM) or distributed storage like Ceph RBD

Moving virtual disk from local storage to SAN (LVM) or Ceph RBD without downtime.

Video Tutorials

tbd: Proxmox VE Youtube channel


  • If live storage migration fails, try offline