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I am a Linux Systems Administrator with, ltd.

We have a lot of experience with deploying and maintaining clusters. The purpose these range from web server clustering, mail processing, and virtualization using several different technologies.

We have also deployed and maintain several 2-node Proxmox clusters, utilizing DRBD for data storage.

From our site: As System Administrators and Developers we know Linux inside and out, from the kernel to drivers, from Web databases to firewalls. With extensive experience in Python, qmail, Security, and Network Administration, we bring real world answers to your data center.

One of our largest clients is a web services company which serves up over 10 million 'hits' a day. We've helped them to significantly increase both throughput and reliability. We like big challenges that we can sink our teeth into.

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, has experienced, reliable, friendly Linux experts ready to help you solve your Linux problems.