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22 years as Telecommunications and IT technician/engineer. Currently working as CTO for Norfolk Telecom on Norfolk Island where I run the ISP and all MIS/BIS systems for Norfolk Telecom as well as managing high level telecommunication infrastructure and services.

Built a proxmox cluster to host specific proxmox based OpenVZ services and am currently testing/migrating majority of servers (VMWare & Physical) into the cluster.

I often utilise open-source products & where I find good information that can help others I like to feed that information back to the community either through forums or in this case via the Wiki. I have a vested interest in this as being a small organisation it's essential that I provide as much information to rebuild anything that I do. Often it's easiest to point to the Wiki or forum for a product rather than writing my own extensive documentation so making sure that the information is good makes my life easier.